ment on the

ign of the payloads.The "lunar mini biosphere" experiment was se


Moon.The "lunar

ed fr▓om more than 200 submissions, according to the CNSllTidal forces of the Earth have


mini biosphere

ed the Moon's rotation to the point where the same side always faces the Earth, a phenomenon


" experiment was

le▓d tidal locking. The other face, most of which is never visible from the Earth, is the f

28 Chinese univ

ar side of t▓he Moon.With its special environment and complex g

ersit▓i  /   CFO

  • es, led by southwest C
  • hina's Chongqing Unive
  • rsity, a conference
  • on scientific and tech
  • nological innovation 

of Chon  /   CFO

  • gqing Municipality has
  • heard.The cylindrica?/li>
  • 坙 tin, made from spec
  • ial aluminum alloy mat
  • erials, is 18 cm tal

l, with   /   CFO

  • a diameter of 16 cm, a
  • net volume of 0.8 l
  • iters and a weight of
  • 3 kilograms. The tin
  • will also contain wat

er, a nu  /   CFO

  • ▓trient solution, air
  • and equipment such as
  • a small camera and
  • data transmission syst
  • em.Res▓earchers hope

the seed

eological history, the far side is a hot spo▓t for scientific and

  • he process captured on camer▓

    space explo

    a and transmitted to Earth.Alt

    ration. Ho

    hough astronauts have cultivat

    wever, l

  • ed plants on the Internation

    anding and r

    al Space Station, and rice a

    oving there

    nd arabidopsis were grown on C

    requires a r

  • hina's Tiangong-2 space lab,

    elay satellite to tra▓nsmit signals.It has been reported that China plans to send a relay satellite for C▓hang'e-4 to the halo orbit of the Earth-Moo▓n Lagrange Point L2 in late May or early June 2018, and th▓en launch the Chang'e-4 lunar lander and rover to the Aitk▓en Basin of the south pol

    ted in low-Earth orbit, at a

    e region o

  • n altitude of about 400 ▓kilo

    f the▓ Moon

    meters. The environment on the

    about hal

    Moon, 380,000 kilometers fr

    f a year l

  • om the Earth, is more complica

    ater.The Von

    ted.Liu Hanlong, chief direc

    Karman Crat

    tor of the experiment and vic

    er, named

e president

after a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and

of Chongqing University,

physi▓cist, in the Aitken Basin, was chosen as the landing site for Chang'e-4. The region is bel

said since t

ieved to have great▓ scientific research potential.The transmission channel is limited, and the l

he Moon has no

andscape rugged, so the mission will be more complicated than Chang'e-3, China's first soft land

atmosphere, it▓s

ing on the Moon in 2013, said Liu Tongjie, deputy director of


re ranges fr
om lower t
  • han minus 100 degr
  • ees centigrade
  • to higher than
  • 100 degrees ce
  • ntigrade."We have to
keep the te


in the 'mini
  • ' within a range
  • from 1 degree t
  • o 30 degrees, an
  • d p▓roperly con
  • trol the humidity an
d nutrition.


We will u▓
se a tube
  • to direct the natu
  • ral light on the
  • surface of Mo
  • on into the tin
  • to make the plants g
row," said X

ie▓ Gengxin

, chief desi
gner of th
  • e experiment."We
  • want to study t
  • he respiration o
  • less, walking?/li>
  • f the seeds and
the photosyn

thesis on the Moon

," said Liu."Why potato?/h3>

?and arabidopsi

the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of CNSA.As the re

  • lay satellite will be sent to the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point L2 about 450,000 kilometers from the Earth, where a gravitational equilibrium can be maintained, it could stay

    s is short and conve / CFO at Atanasoff LLC

  • in stable orbit and operate for a ▓long time."We will make efforts to enable the relay satellite to work as long as possible to serve other probes, including those from oth

    nient to observe. An / CFO at Atanasoff LLC

  • er countries," said Ye Peijian, a leading Chinese aerospace expert and consultant to China's lunar explorat▓ion program.The Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of t

    d po▓tato could bec / CFO at Atanasoff LLC

  • he CNSA has invited the public to write down their hopes for lunar and space exploratio▓n, and those hopes and the names of participants will be carried by the relay satelli

    ome a major source o / CFO at Atanasoff LLC

  • te into deep space. More than 100,000 people have taken part, according▓ to the center.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us

    f fo▓od for future / CFO at Atanasoff LLC

space trav

on WechatBEIJIN▓G, Feb. 24 -- For people whose eyes are bigger

elers," said Liu.

than their stomachs, a big meal with lots of different tastes us


"Our experiment


▓might help accumul


ate knowledge fo


r building a lun

ar base and lo

sfies. But s▓ome foods do not go with others. When the▓ mix is w

ng-term re

rong, people will not be able to assimi▓late the nutrients in the

sidence on

food. Sometimes there are ▓risks o

the▓ Moon."The p

f more serious side effects. Crabs and persimmo▓ns are a we

ublic, esp

ll-known example. When the two are ▓eaten together, the

y cause diarrhea. Li Hongyan, a senior nutritionist

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